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Blythe Scott was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1969 and has lived in Victoria, British Columbia, since 2012. Although their starting point is reality, her paintings are joyful works of fiction, a positive and uplifting view of the world which has a dream-like quality. Her colours are cheerful and her textures festive.

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Date and Place of Birth
Blythe Scott was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1969. In 2012 she immigrated to Canada and settled on Vancouver Island, BC where she works from her studio in Victoria.

Background and Career
Born into a highly artistic family (both her parents were art teachers), Blythe realised at an early age that a creative path was inevitable, even essential, for her.

After secondary school she was fortunate enough to be accepted into the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, where she graduated with honours in 1991. A few years later she received her postgraduate diploma with honours in art and design from Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

Since then, Blythe has travelled extensively, lived in many cities around the world, and worked as a decorative artist, painter, gallery owner, and passionate teacher of adults and children. Today, she devotes all her time to her painting and exhibits her work in galleries in Western and Eastern Canada. Her paintings can be found in public and private collections in North America, Asia, the UK, Europe, Australia and Iceland.Blythe Scott, painter

Her work, her art
Blythe Scott convincingly describes herself as a mixed media artist. Whether she focuses on landscapes, city scenes or still life, colour harmony, an interest in texture and a whimsical touch always feature prominently in her work.

Blythe Scott's work is based on rigorous drawing. A happy marriage of watercolour, acrylic and collage, much of her subject matter is created through the application of textured pastes, stucco, sand and a collage of metal sheets. All of this creates a strong composition, but also ensures a textural intrigue, even in the surface layers. A compelling line and extensive repertoire of erasures add strong emotional content to her work.

Influenced by her childhood in an architecturally rich city and by her travels, Blythe painted European city scenes and architectural details for many years. Her arrival in Canada encouraged her to look at the landscape in a new way, linking architecture to the surrounding natural environment. In her work, the context is now more important than the buildings themselves.

" Although my starting point is reality, my paintings are mostly fictional. I want to present a positive and inspiring view of the world, with a touch of the dream. I strive to leave the viewer with a sense of well-being and an impression that the world is a good place to live. »

Blythe Scott is represented by Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since July 2018, exclusively for Canada.