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Carole Malcolm, painterCarole Malcolm - An invitation to travel and dream
Date and Place of Birth
Carole Malcolm was born in 1958 in Dieppe, a small town outside of Moncton, New Brunswick. She now lives in Oxford Station, Ontario.

Background and Career
Carole has been drawing and painting since she was a child. Even if life leads her to other horizons, notably a military career, her artistic vocation is never far away. Essentially self-taught, she has devoted herself full-time to her art since 1995.

Work and art
Years after leaving her native land, she revisits the place of her childhood, this time as an artist. This environment has become one of her greatest sources of inspiration. Her memories continue to influence her work even in the preparation process, where she makes sketches on the spot or collects reference material, and finally finishes her paintings in her studio.Carole Malcolm, painter

The infinite spectacle of the sea fascinates her. She lingers on the movement of the wave, which is constantly slipping away and being reborn. This endless story, with its reassuring rhythm, becomes a permanent source of inspiration for her. The same applies to her landscapes of undergrowth bathed in light. Through the movement of the wave and the sun's path over the trees, she wants to capture the moment and eternity. To capture the elusive, to translate the light and to invite the viewer to take a break and suspend his daily routine.
Carole Malcolm, painter

Driven by her interest in natural landscapes, the artist painted for years as a watercolourist before discovering liquid acrylic. With the addition of the spatula to her toolbox, texture now completes her work. She prepares her canvas with several layers of gesso and relief paste to build a textured painting surface. Then, on a well-wet canvas, numerous washes of colour are applied in slurries, splashes, rubbings and drybrushes. Lines, colours and reliefs intertwine with subtlety in her compositions, creating a powerful gestural impression. Above all, she likes the fact that each step is not planned and controlled, that she can explore the impression of a landscape;
" I like above all that it is impossible to predict the final result, especially because the paint follows its own course on the irregular surface, which produces something different each time. "

With a romantic influence, Carole Malcolm's work reveals an artist in communion with her subject, where nature appears as an immense reserve of energy, escape and peace.

Carole Malcolm has been represented by Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since May 2016.