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    Guylène Saucier, painterGuylène Saucier - The moving tenderness of childhood
    Her date and place of birth
    Guylène Saucier was born in Louiseville in 1960.

    Her education, career
    Guylène Saucier first obtained a bachelor's degree in modern languages at Université Laval. She then went on to study visual arts (drawing and art history) at the Université de Sherbrooke, and completed her training with a certificate in written French at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She furthered her artistic knowledge with renowned painters.

    Painter, short story writer and novelist, Guylène Saucier has had a brilliant career resolutely focused on creation.

    Since her first solo exhibition in 1984, Guylène Saucier has enjoyed a loyal following. In fact, since her debut on the art market, her paintings have never ceased to be a hit with an ever-growing clientele. This love affair is far from being a one-way street; the young painter makes it a point of honour to remain honest and accessible in her pricing policy.

    A versatile artist, Guylène Saucier is also a writer; she is the author of several short stories, one of which won an international prize in 1990. She has also published three novels: Motel Plage St-Michel (Éditions VLB, 1986), Sarabande (Québec/Amérique, 1992) and Le cheval habillé de bleu (Leméac, 2001)

    Her work, her art
    As a painter of childhood, Guylène Saucier transports us into the world of her characters with a great deal of charm and a touch of humour. Bouncy and candid faces, lively eyes, a flock of children in their land of games and camaraderie, so many scenes from her memories that the artist reveals to us.

    On Guylène Saucier's canvases, we find children wrapped up braving the winter, surprised looks under a summer sun or a row of umbrellas on their way to school. Primary colours, simplicity of gesture from which emerges strength and gentleness, the work of Guylène Saucier impresses by its artistic quality.

    Guylène Saucier has been represented by the Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur since 1986, exclusively since 2012.