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Iosif Derecichei, painter

Iosif Derecichei is an Ontario artist who gives free rein to colour, texture and movement in his semi-figurative works. His work bears the imprint of his native Romania, of his villages between the hills, but also the free and dynamic imprint of Canada, his adopted country since 2004.

Iosif Derecichei - Vibrant images
His date and place of birth
Iosif Derecichei was born in 1962 in Marghita, a small town in the historical region of Transylvania in western Romania.
Today, his work bears both the imprint of the places where he was born and raised, those villages between the hills, but also the free and dynamic imprint of his adopted country, Canada.
His training, his career
As a child, he showed a remarkable talent for drawing; he was able to draw everything he saw instinctively and with ease and took real pleasure in it, which did not necessarily endear him to the communist regime in Romania at the time. His love of visual expression led him to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cluj-Napoca, but he was only able to exhibit his work on rare occasions.

With the change of regime in Romania in 1989, Iosif now had the freedom to exhibit his work abroad, which he did first in Hungary, then in Eastern Europe, Japan and the United States.

In 2004, he emigrated to Canada and settled in Windsor, where he soon held his first exhibition. Since then, he has had permanent exhibitions in galleries in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

His work, his art
Iosif Derecichei's paintings are created with emotion, they are expressive. His style navigates between abstraction and figuration. Indeed, if his first works were often done outdoors in an impressionist style, his work eventually moved towards semi-abstraction and abstract expressionism. His works, painted in acrylic, show a great freedom of movement. The power of colour, texture and line is omnipresent in all of his work.

Derecichei's paintings are often filled with a feeling of pure joy, which leads him to create vibrant images using primary colours. His favourite themes and subjects are mostly rural or floral, with visionary trees, hilly landscapes with small villages, fields of poppies and sunflowers, all rendered in bright, vibrant colours. He does not reproduce the exactness of nature, but creates an original version of the world around him;
" What drives me and inspires me most of all are the images that remain from my childhood. I want to present images to the viewing public, those images that make me happy and have always accompanied me. " -Iosif Derecichei

Iosif Derecichei has been represented by Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since November 2016.