J. Douglas Thompson


J. Douglas Thompson, painter
J. Douglas Thompson, painter

J. Douglas Thompson is a painter from Prince Edward County, Ontario. He works in acrylics, depicting various atmospheres caused by the interaction of light with water in all its forms. His work is very personal and is also a metaphorical expression of light as a symbol of hope in juxtaposition to the challenges of life.

J. Douglas Thompson - Painter of Atmospheric Light
Date and Place of Birth
J. Douglas Thompson was born in 1949, in Vancouver, British Columbia and raised just east of the Rockies, near Calgary, Alberta. During those formative years he became keenly aware of the northern natural beauty all about him. The high prairie skies and their dramatic storms made a particularly strong visual impact on him.

Background and Career
High school and college years were spent in the Toronto area studying commercial art. Subsequently, he worked for four-plus decades in advertising as a graphic artist, account executive, and then, owned and operated his own advertising firm.

He has traveled in over sixty-five countries. This has included much of North and Central America, the Amazon rain forest, and the Galapagos Islands. He has liked the high ranges of the Andes, Alps, Pyrenees, and the Norwegian Fiords. These adventures have heightened his awareness of the vast diversity found in the natural world. More recently his travels have taken him to Nepal and North Bengal, India, and once again back into the Amazon rainforest, this time in Peru and Venezuela.

For thirteen years he lived and worked in Europe and in South America with non-government organizations.
J. Douglas Thompson, painter
Since seventeen, he has had work in commercial galleries in Canada and has regular group and solo shows. His work is found in corporate and private collections in Canada and abroad.

Since 2013, Prince Edward County, Ontario has become his chosen place of work and residence.

Work and art
Doug paints in acrylic on canvas, depicting various atmospherics caused by light interacting with water in all forms. Whether found in grand cumulous clouds, fog drifting up on a lake in the early morning, waterfalls, crashing waves or many other permutations, he is moved to capture these events of wonder. His paintings are also personal, metaphoric expressions of light filled with hope, in juxtaposition to the challenges of life.

Thompson has been most influenced by J.M.W. Turner the great British painter of light, and American painter, Eric Sloane, who was a true pioneer in the painting of skies and who earlier coined the term “Skyscapes.”

“The purpose and role of the artist is to bring awareness to others, so that they stop and consider what possibly would have gone unnoticed,” Thompson insists. “There is only one Creator... the painter only recreates.”

J. Douglas Thompson has been represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since December 2021, exclusively for Quebec.