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    Jean-Pierre Guay, painter

    Jean-Pierre Guay, painter, was born in Charny, Quebec, in 1949. Through a pictorial universe combining wild beauty and more abstract elements, he delivers his vision - renewed - of nature. Reliefs and textures give his work a profoundly original character.

    Jean-Pierre Guay - Wild beauty, matter and energy

    His date and place of birth
    Jean-Pierre Guay was born in Charny in 1949.

    His training, his career
    From 1968 to 1971, Jean-Pierre Guay studied at the École des Beaux-Arts de Québec, then obtained a bachelor's degree in art at the École des Arts Visuels de l'Université Laval in Québec City.

    Jean-Pierre Guay has been painting since his early twenties. Over the years, he has also been an antique dealer, cabinetmaker, antique furniture restorer, muralist and sculptor. This singular career path has led him to acquire a unique multidisciplinary vision and to make a living from his art since 1998.

    His work, his art
    Jean-Pierre Guay enriches his style with his other activities and gives a most original direction to his pictorial creation. With a wealth of experience acquired in the creation of murals, he employs an unusual technique through his sparing use of colours and his search for textures that give spectacular effects. Painted in acrylic, his bas-relief paintings present impressive impastos, collages of gauze, ropes, textiles and various materials that call for the painter's inspiration.

    If Jean-Pierre Guay's work presents two sides, that of animal representations and paintings of a less figurative nature, the latter always stands out by its power and originality. And what about his imaginative formats...

    Jean-Pierre Guay's paintings are executed in two parts. First, he approaches the atmosphere, or the setting, thanks to his reliefs, abstract elements and large jets of colour. Then, the more figurative elements, including his emblematic animals of Quebec's fauna, come to life thanks to the quality of his drawing.

    A keen observer of nature, Jean-Pierre does not aim to represent it faithfully, which places him on the fringe of animal art. He claims a total creative freedom and does away with conventions. His elks, bustards, herons, white geese and, on occasion, his landscapes bear witness to this.

    Moreover, the painter expresses himself through a multitude of forms and textures whose strong gestures inculcate a great visual dynamism, a drive that is both modern and wild.

    Through a skilful fusion of abstraction and figuration, Jean-Pierre Guay gives us a renewed vision of nature, a powerful tribute to wild beauty

    Jean-Pierre Guay has been represented by the Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur since 2003, exclusively since 2005.