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Marie-Claude Boucher, painter

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Date and Place of Birth
Marie-Claude Boucher, who now lives in Montreal, was born in Charny, Quebec in 1973.

Background and Career
She became interested in art at an early age, spending long hours drawing with her twin sister. She later graduated from McGill University with a degree in arts and literature, where she studied Latin, Spanish and French literature. After a brief career as a teacher, she decided to devote herself to her true passion, painting.

Exhibited in galleries since 2004, Marie-Claude's work is sought after in both Canada and the United States.

The artist is very generous and does not hesitate to get involved with causes that are close to her heart. As such, her works adorn the walls of the Montreal Children's Hospital and the Montreal Veterans' Hospital. Her playful style was also used to illustrate "Super Katie to the Rescue", a children's book that incorporates her whimsical style into a unique figurative approach.
Marie-Claude Boucher, painter

Her work, her art
Marie-Claude has developed her style using spontaneous, broad and loose brushstrokes. She uses a bold, primary colour palette, relying on fluid brushstrokes and minimal detail to convey her message; "I don't seek perfection in detail, but rather simplicity in my settings. She finds her inspiration in the countryside, often interpreted through its welcoming red-roofed houses and flowerbeds. She is seduced by the charm of rural life: the white fences, the bicycle left by the tree, the laundry drying on the clothesline... A keen traveller, she is also inspired by the places she has visited, as evidenced by her series of Parisian balconies, lavender fields and Hawaiian landscapes.

With a vibrant spirit and effervescent personality, Marie-Claude delivers a piece of her soul in each painting. Indeed, her ability to savor each moment defines her personality and, by extension, her art.

When it comes to perfection in art, I am rebellious in that I choose to explore originality, boldness and simplicity. In front of my blank canvas, I aim for spontaneity to allow each work to progress in its own direction. By allowing my feelings to direct the flow of my work, I am able to capture the energy of the moment, allowing each work to convey to the viewer a small glimpse of myself. Marie-Claude Boucher

The vivacity of her painting style allows us to appreciate her own enthusiasm for the act of painting, and her colourful approach bears her inimitable signature.

Marie-Claude Boucher is represented by the Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur since May 2021.